Mobile Banking built for your generation.


Use this website to join our waitlist and get priority access. Invite friends & family and you both get REWARD POINTS when they sign up.

Your Money and Crypto Currencies. Your Way.

LDJ Digital gives you a free bank account with zero fees for account opening or transfers between any LDJ Digital customers. The Money on account will be shown per currency, be it traditional Money currencies like EURO, USD, GBP or the major crypto currencies like BTC, BCH, XRP, LTC, ETH and others. Track your money and crypto balance, shop online or in stores with your personal debit card and check the card transactions in your app. Manage your savings from the LDJ Digital mobile app and earn REWARDS just for using the LDJ Digital financial services!

Send and receive money or crypto quickly.


Easily send and receive money or crypto from your family, friends or others. Pay for online purchases, and get real-time transaction notifications.

No fees for money transfers between LDJ Digital users. Ever!


LDJ Digital has no monthly fees for money transfers between LDJ Digital users globally, favorable foreign exchange fees and no minimum money or crypto balance. Let´s start your banking journey the digital way.

Spend your money and crypto safely


With LDJ Digital you can spend your money or crypto for purchases in-store and online using your personal debit card. Track all your purchases and any other transactions through the app. Additionally you can lock and unlock your personal or family member debit card at any time from your app. You are in the driving seat.

Earn rewards.


Get for all your monthly (money & crypto) spend REWARD POINTS which you then can use to access future premium services or certain promotions. Earn REWARDS for saving and for domiciling your salary & utility bills. Join LDJ Digital waiting list now to get even more benefits.

Digital Security you can trust

Your account is protected by top-grade encryption and authentication.

Your money is insured through an external 3rd party financial services provider and it´s fully banking licensed Correspondence Bank(s) within the EEA region.

Benefit from Fraud Protection measures and compliance aided by technology.

Get early access

We’re launching a Pilot sponsored by our external 3rd party financial services provider! Use this website to join our waitlist and get priority access, to our banking app and a Card optionally, as an early adopter.
Start earning from today UNLIMITED REWARDS, by inviting friends and family and you both will earn REWARDS, for future use, when they sign up!

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